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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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December 27th 2019,

I was ready to take a break from Milano… Especially after a stressful but successful end to the schools Winter Show. But I had no idea where to go… And it wasn’t until I received my scratchable European Map that I knew I wanted to scratch off every SINGLE country. So what did I do? I picked Slovenia without knowing ANYTHING to do or see (just because it was the closest country I needed). Seems logical, right? Well boy, am I glad I did! Ljubljana was different. It was interesting, it was more laid back, and relaxing. Which isn’t a bad thing… It was just a change of pace for me! But what was great was… It was easy on my wallet (I only spent 175 Euros for 4 nights INCLUDING HOSTEL)!! So let me break it down for you!

How did I get to Ljubljana?

I always opt for FLIXBUS when I have the option FOR MANY REASONS!

  1. The planet means the world to me and I always try to save it whenever I can!!
    (I DO NOT ALWAYS use buses as sometimes it’s just not possible. HOWEVER, I do use them as often as possible!)
  2. Overnight buses are FANTASTIC
    I love overnight buses and usually it’s because I do not have to waste money on a hostel for an extra two nights. I know it sounds funny but if I would have flown to Ljubljana late on friday night I would have had to pay for a room that I would only have used just to sleep in for a few hours. So I always make sure to pick Overnight Buses instead! (By doing this I made it so I only had to pay for 3 nights at the hostel instead of 5 nights)
  3. They save me time
    Ljubljana is only 55 minutes if you fly from Trieste (but that means you have to drive to Trieste first). And if you fly from Milan you will HAVE to make at least one stop meaning your flight will be 5 hours minimum and don’t forget you have to be 2 hours early to the airport. In total that is about a 7 hour time slot not including the time it takes you to get to the airport. And for all of that hassle YOU HAVE TO BE AWAKE! So I would rather go to the bus and save my time by relaxing, sleeping, and not worrying about a thing.
  4. They save me money
    FLIXBUS makes traveling often possible as the prices are unbeatable! Sure, I could of driven to Ljubljana if Riccardo had time off work… but 1) He didn’t and 2) The cost of gas and freeway tolls would have been ridiculous. So THANK YOU FLIXBUS for always keeping my money in my pocket!



Where did I stay?

I stayed at the nicest hostel in Ljubljana. It goes by the name of TURN HOSTEL and is located right above THE ENGLISH PUB but do not worry as it is rather quiet at night! Why did I love TURN HOSTEL so much? It’s simple.

  1. It had the BEST reviews (9.2 rating on HostelWorld)
  2. It was rated so high because of HOW CLEAN the places was
  3. The staff was nice and very helpful

Check below to see my Video Review of TURN HOSTEL:

Where did I eat?

Oh my is the FOOD AMAZING here! I ate out EVERY meal which I NEVER do when I am on vacation! But this vacation was different for me. I took myself out, I sat and worked on my @TravelRichMoneyPoor instagram, and I spoiled myself to some good food! So where did I go?

For Breakfast: I headed to my daily spot and boy was it TASTY! I always went for the STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE (And if you know me cheesecake is MY thing). If you head to Ljubljana you will see that CACAO is the place to be! There are two locations, however, I only ate at the one on the riverfront!


For Lunch: We stumbled across TRIP ADVISORS #1 MUST VISIT PLACE IN LJUBLJANA. Zbornica is the name and it is about a 5 minute walk from the riverwalk. Here I had a delicious soup as winters are FREEZING! The Mushroom Soup is not creamy and heavy it is LIGHT and is just the perfect way to warm up!

For Dinner: I headed to HOOD BURGER CENTER which is the BEST Burger I have ever had! Usually, I skip meat because of health and environmental reasons… BUT, if I am craving it, I will have it! I took the “Jake’n’Jay” which is a California style burger with “secret sauce” and I added bacon! BUT they also have VEGAN and VEGETARIAN options!


What did I do in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is pretty much a small city of monuments, which, you can see in about half a day! So if you just want to see the city a day is enough! However, Ljubljana is great to just stroll the streets and the riverside! When walking around make sure to climb up the hill to go to the Ljubljana Castle it’s 10 Euros or 7 Euros as a student! While at the castle you will learn all about the Italians that were held captive as War Prisoners. As well as, you will have a GORGEOUS 360 degree view from up above! If you have a few free days (which I recommend you have and make Ljubljana your home base) make sure to take an hour bus ride to LAKE BLED and the next day take a 2.5 hour bus ride to Zagreb, Croatia. PRO TIP: LJUBLJANA BUS STATION HAS STUDENT DISCOUNTS!!

You will NOT be disappointed with your stay in Ljubljana (unless you stay too long, I told you it’s a small capital, so it is possible)! But overall it is quiet lovely if you go in winter with the Christmas Markets, Free Concerts, and Outdoor Drinking!

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