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Kids in Quarantine: Easter Edition

Easter Egg Promotional Chocolates

This is going to be an eggciting day for all your family members! Let’s get crackin’…. Eggs of course!

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry I have been MISSING IN ACTION! I have been working MORE now than I did before quarantine which did not seem possible as I worked 50+ hours a week! But as a Kindergarten teacher, a Palfish teacher (MESSAGE ME FOR DETAILS: AUDREY GILLIS), a private tutor, AND a student: my hours are crazy! But I have had SO MUCH FUN making all my Easter crafts with my kids!

Paper Play Easter Eggs:

If you have younger kids you don’t always want the mess of coloring eggs! So I highly suggest you do the ones above! These projects are from things we ALL have at home (except maybe the buttons or food coloring)! I did both the Easter Egg Wreath and the Colored Pasta Egg decorating with my kindergarteners and they LOVED IT!

Bunny Rabbit Crafts

Hello Bunny Bunny Bunny! Hello! As we know the Easter Bunny is the most important part of Easter, as that is the one who leaves the eggs! So how else do we get our kids ready for Easter? Getting them to create their own Bunny! My Au Pair friends took my advice to make the FIRST bunny (the blue one) I also had my students in China making them as it is quick and easy! The other bunny I made was the one holding the carrot! Personally, the bunny holding the carrot is my favorite as it is very bright and it looks like the bunny is grabbing onto the carrot to take home and eat! Should I be starting a youtube for kids crafts? I think so….

Carrot Cuteness

After making those cute little bunnies they have to have a snack!!! Let’s make them carrots! I made the Paper Plate Carrots and it is so fun because it is interactive for the little babies to pull out and try to put it back in! And parents don’t have an easter basket? Don’t worry! Take a piece of paper and turn it into a miniature candy holder!

Chirping Chicks

Let’s be real it is Easter which means PEEPS! That is right, when you see PEEPS in the markets that is when you know it is time to get celebrating! So let’s make the cutest little Chicks that can hang around all Spring!



It is time to get creative! I know it is our first Easter where we DO NOT have a big neighborhood to hide eggs in! But we can still keep it interesting! Instead of hiding the eggs in plain site I think it is time to break out the rhythms! Also for the older kids MAKE THEM MORE DIFFICULT! It can waste a day away! I always loved trying to find that golden egg!

Happy Easter Everyone

I hope you can still have some fun!

Just remember all those people we are saving.

Yes we might miss them now.

But we would miss them more if they weren’t around!


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