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All Things Covid-19


Hi all, Welcome to my world.

My name is Audrey Gillis and I am a Petaluma girl living in Milan, Italy. I have lived in Italy since October 2018 and with that being said, I have experienced the COVID-19 outbreak, first hand, from the second most infected country in the world.

But Covid-19 is not very new to me:

That is right, Coronavirus has not just been present in my life since it reached Italy. When we first found out about the virus it was from my boyfriends sister who was living in China for University. She was traveling Beijing during that time and scary enough it was a ghost town, not a single soul out on the streets. The virus was new and no one had much information besides the fact that everything around her, including the hostel she was staying at, was shutting down. She was lucky enough to catch a flight home to Italy, but had to leave all of her belongs in China.


What we know now:

Schools and businesses around the world have been suspended, borders and flights have been closed and cancelled, and we are all being made to stay at home. But coming from someone that has experienced this for the last 3 weeks, it’s not all bad. So let me ease your worries, help your boredom, and give you ideas of what to do with your kids during this time.

Conversations with loved ones

will not be cancelled.

Binge watching your favorite show

will not be cancelled.

Dancing around the house with your kids

will not be cancelled.

Giving yourself the break you need

will not be cancelled.

May we stop forgetting the things that remain

and cherish these rare moments.



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