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Money Queen


Unfortunately… the map above is not completely up to date! It shows 2,900! However, today we are at 3,405 deaths

Thanks to Quarantine.


It is now March 19th and the Italian Prime Minister does not believe that the Italian Lockdown is going to end on April 3rd like they had hoped for. For the past week the death rate has been increasing tremendously. First, we started with a slow death rate, something you could compare to the flu. However, in the past week alone we have been having: 200 people, 365 people, 500 people, and 427 people die within 24 hour periods of each other. Italy now has a record of 3,405 deaths (THAT IS MORE THAN CHINA BY 160 PEOPLE). 

With all this being said peoples jobs are staying closed for a longer amount of time (This is needed, do not bitch about the virus to me). Like the Prime Minister originally said most all of the Italian people are taking their paid vacation NOW. Which, yes means, PEOPLE ARE GETTING PAID! However, if this lasts for longer than 1 month the Italian people will be needing to find another way to make money! And so will the Americas, because at this point, America does not have the same 1 month holiday per year like Italy does. So let’s get to it:

First Things First: BUDGETING

Here you have two different type of Expense Trackers where you can write down all or bills and expenses OR you can download the FREE Spendee app like I did and enter in what you have spent and let the app do the rest of the work for you!

Yes that means you! The best way to go about having money to pay for all your bills and mortgage is simply, BUDGETING! Hello, this can be your NO SPEND MONTH! And in my opinion it should be! SO what do you need to create your budget? Break down all your expenses: Write out how much each bill costs, also, factor in groceries (but by the looks of it no one in America is going to run out of groceries soon). That’s it!! During this time you should delete your credit card information from your favorite online shops as well, because if you have to get up to get the card, you likely won’t make the purchase! Remember… this is the time we should be better ourselves and as much as it sounds like that new makeup palette is going to better us, that cash will most likely be better in a different area of our life!

Click the link to read my blog about how to actually better yourself: 10 Things

Step Two: Have an income ALWAYS

You might say… “Audrey that is easier said than done… as my boss is in control.”. Well what if I told you that your boss DOES NOT have to be in control of your income.. Let me tell you about 5 different ways you can make money during these times:


  1. TEACHING ENGLISH ONLINE: You heard me and you have probably heard about this lately…. Teaching English online is a huge trend and I know people that do it successfully, FULL TIME! Each company will differ with the requirements but you CAN find one that works for you! I just had my interview with PALFISH this morning and I am SO EXCITED! mercai
  2. SELL STUFF ON POSHMARK OR MERCARI: Out with the old… That is right! It is time that you sell your old stuff (but not your worn out stuff)! I know so many girls that have sold their old designer handbags, brand new nikes, and kitchen decor! This is the best way to make money while purging your house as you will get more money here than you will at Goodwill 😂woman headset video call tutor
  3. TUTORING: DO NOT get this confused with the same thing as teaching! Very often middle school and high school kids need help with certain classes (whether that be math, chem, or even English) and NOW MORE THAN EVER do they need the extra hand! Due to all their classes being online they might no get that extra five minutes of one on one time they usually have to have the teacher explain the answer. So, with that being said, why not promote yourself online? I am sure a lot of parents will take you up on it as they have not been to school in many years and the material and methods have changed drastically! (I am doing this now!!)wood
  4. GET CRAFTY: You know how you ALWAYS wanted to have your own Etsy shop? Well now you officially have the time to make those items you have been dying to sell! Whether it be soap or body butter, Picture frames or Wood work, remember: Everyone will be purging and remodeling during this time!resell
  5. RESELLING: I did not know how big of a market this was until I met my boyfriend! He buys and resells limited edition items! This, of course, can be a lot harder of a way to make money. But when you cash in, YOU CASH IN! This could be buying limited edition shoes, a clothes launch, and even anything that has a limited number to it, of course.

Overall we will make it through it!

That is right I just gave you two awesome ways to stay afloat during this time! And if you are panicking about money right now, that IS okay. This just goes to show you how you should take care of your finances! Remember it is good to have 3 to 6 months of ALL EXPENSES as an emergency fund! But we live and we learn! So let’s take this time to keep moving forward, not backwards!

Let’s work,

Let’s grow,

Let’s show,





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