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10 Things


To keep yourself busy during quarantine!

As I have said Italy is on week 3 of quarantine but we are nowhere near the end! And now that the United States has started closing schools and creating quarantines, my friends have been reaching out, wondering, how in the world I have kept myself from being bored. So here are my top 10 things:

  1. PURGE: And I do not mean the movie. It is time you do that spring cleaning that you were putting off and start Marie Kondo-ing and Home Editing the crap out of your house. Not only will you feel better after the purge, it will take hours, if not days to finish. Bonus: When this is all over you can make some money selling your old stuff!
  2. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE: How many of us have said we wanted to do this before but have failed miserably? I know I have, well with Spanish at least, my Italian is pretty good now! But I still use my FREE app DuoLingo to get my Italian fix! This app also doesn’t make it feel like your learning as it’s more like a game!
  3. GRAB A BOOK: Take these hours at home and instead of just sticking yourself in front of a never ending binge series on Netflix, educate yourself! That’s right, grab a book off the shelf and dust that baby off! This will also help your eyes out in the long run! I am currently reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to educate myself a little more with my finances!
  4. FINANCES CAN BE FUN: Falling behind in your finances? I HIGHLY recommend that you take this time inside as a “no spend” month (obviously this does not include bills or food). Also read up on: The Budget Mom and learn all about Cash Envelopes! It’s never too late to get ahead and I find budgeting so much fun! ♥Cash envelope photo thanks to The Budget Mom
  5. SCRAPBOOKING: We all know that during the early 2000’s scrapbooking was the THING. But then that slowly fading out as IPhones and the Cloud became our lifelines. However, we still have all those photos and all those scrapping supplies laying around, so why not put them to use and enjoy the time looking through your family photos!
  6. SEWING: One thing I have ALWAYS wanted to learn is how to sew and I want to even more now that second hand stores are NOT a thing in Italy and those stores were my main shops back home! With this being said grab the sewing machine, as everyone has one, and ask your mom or youtube to teach you how! My boyfriends mom is an amazing seamstress (not as a job) but she can make pants, shirts, and purses! My hope is that she can teach me how to make a swimsuit for my Italian summers!
  7. LEARN TO COOK: And I mean that by cooking out of the norm. Don’t head to your Tuesday Night Taco Night but spicy it up and try cooking Gnocchi from Scratch! Then if you feel like it Betty Crocker it up and make your favorite “restaurant” dessert (aka the one you have never made at home because it tastes better when someone else makes it)! My must try recipe this quarantine: Key Lime Pie
  8. BUST OUT THE BOARD GAMES: Now that quarantine is going to last longer than just a day… you might feel like killing your family. However, lets not do that! Break out the board games and stick it to them by beating them! Nothing is wrong with a family friendly competition and if your kid loses and doesn’t want to talk to you for the day… is that really a bad thing?
  9. WORKOUT: Everyone’s biggest excuse for not working out is that they DO NOT have time. Well friends, we have more than enough time now that we are stuck at home. So download a yoga app, connect a workout youtube video to your TV, and get started! Take a before and after quarantine photo and lets get it going! Do not waste this precious time that we never get, let’s take it as a positive and improve ourselves! Here is a great page I found with many free ones (including the two above): Home Workouts
  10. SPA DAY: You heard me! Pop that bottle of champagne and start the celebration of self love! Put that olive oil hair mask in, paint those nails, and exfoliate your whole body while bingeing on your favorite shows! Enjoy the quiet time and it won’t last forever!

Although quarantine might seem like the end of the world, it isn’t. I have enjoyed this time with my family as well as working hard on myself. An unmotivated person lets the days pass by with Netflix but a hopeful person will look at this opportunity as time to grow!

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