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Parma, Italy

Paradise known as Parma

Why is Parma so important to visit?

Well why not?! Parma is just a stones throw away from Milan, Italy! I highly recommend you hop on a train and take a trip! During the hour and a half train ride you will get to see the suburbs of Milan, the beautiful mountains, and the countryside. And when you arrive to Parma you will be greeted by the most amazing food! But make sure to thank the people of Parma for creating two of your favorite things… Parmesan Cheese and Prosciutto!

Davines Village

I was brought to Parma, Italy because of the Davines Worldwide Hair Tour in 2018 and the brand new village is just breathtaking! Davines started in Parma and to this day the luxury brand helps the community thrive with providing in-house jobs as well as purchasing product ingredients from local italian farmers! If you decide to take a tour around the greenhouse inspired village you will see the Davines brand come full circle… starting with seeing chemists working in the Laboratory, to stylists testing products in the salon, to the packaging plant! But DO NOT forget to take a look outside at the gardens!

Check out the side street shops!

The cutest part about Parma is all the little side streets with all the boutique shops! And ladies, they aren’t all expensive! I bought my FAVORITE pair of Pants for 25€! What I LOVE is that the side streets aren’t ONLY luxury shops! They are filled with wine bars, art galleries, and butchers!

Gelato, YUM!

While making your way through the side allies and cobblestone streets make sure to check out some Gelatorias! After an amazing meal in the square (I had the 4 cheese gnocchi) I headed to Emilia Creameria for the BEST Gelato in Parma! I ,Of course, got a cone to save the planet, then I opted for melted milk chocolate in my cone, with Stracciatella and Crema! Holy cannoli was that delicious!

Where to stay?

If you don’t mind staying a 10-15 minute drive from the city center I HIGHLY recommend: Locanda Abbazia di Valserena (I booked through

My boyfriend and I had the most amazing experience at this hotel. The parking is FREE, the breakfast is INCLUDED (and it’s VERY YUMMY), and the location is beautiful. Look below and you will be shocked at what you will stay in (it looks like a castle!!!)

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