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Nice, France

Welcome to Nice. It’s quiet Nice!

My first trip when I arrived to Italy was to Nice, France and boy did I love it!! When you hear France you automatically think Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and baguettes. But man are you missing out if you don’t head to the seaside!

Where did I stay?

I stayed at Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel and it was PERFECT! The staff was lovely, the rooms were clean, and the beds were comfortable! And the BEST PART besides the 15€/night price? It was right in downtown Nice! With a 5 minute walk to the bus stop that can take you to Monaco and Cannes for 1.50€!

What did I have to do?

You see this point below? Well a little to the left is a hike! It’s an easy hike.. not too difficult but it is a MUST DO and it’s free! I mean the 2nd and 3rd photo are of the view! Isn’t it beautiful? Then when you are finished head around that point! Behind the point you will find the port! It is filled with STUNNING buildings, a beautiful in mountain historic monument (the fourth photo), and of course the port filled with huge yachts and restaurants! If the weather is nice take some food from a local grocery store and head to the water to eat lunch! It is a beautiful view!

What did I eat?

Amazing food where the waiters didn’t speak any English (aka no tourist traps!)

Boy was this food GOOD! My first stop was a family owned breakfast shop! I had an omelette with salad, it was the perfect day starter! Then if you know France you know you HAVE TO GO TO PAUL! Paul is like the French version of Starbucks! I have been there every time I’ve headed to France my favorite is the waffle with Nutella! But they have great chocolate chip bread as well!

For lunch I had pasta at a nice sit down restaurant! This cost maybe 10€ but was a great lunch out and on town! After we stopped by the famous Fenocchio that had about 100 flavors of gelato and sorbets! My choice of flavor was coffee and chocolate 🤤

What is the night life like?

The nightlife in Nice was pretty good! My friend and I had pre drinks at our hostel with a nice cheese platter! Then when we were ready we headed to Wayne’s bar that was on the same street as a bunch of restaurants and other bars! I liked Wayne’s because half the bar is for dancing and the other half is for socializing! And it was PACKED with people in their twenties and early thirties! The next night we headed to Havana club on the port for 5€ Mojitos! After we decided to join the Bar Crawl and it was a great time with great people!

I highly recommend putting Nice, France on your travel list! Not only can you see Nice you can easily head to 3 other cities for day trips!

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