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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Magic


OH MY… Monaco Memories are the best memories!!

Have you ever dreamed of what Cinderella felt like walking into the ball that night? Well, I guess you could say that is the feeling you get when you walk through Monaco. A feeling of a fairytale. Something that seems so perfect it is actually unreal. But mind blowingly enough Monaco is a real place, with real people, and real experiences.


When did I go and where did I stay?

My first time in Monaco was in the beginning of November 2018! And I actually stayed in Nice because it was SO MUCH MORE COST EFFICIENT. The hostel I stayed at was AWESOME! It was a 2 minute walk from the main square in Nice! So, If you are heading there, check out Hostel Villa Saint Exupery Beach and let them know your friend, Audrey (travelrichmoneypoor) sent you! I am DYING to do a hostel review with them because the hostel was just that great! The cost for the hostel for 3 nights was 55€ (which is about 18€ a night! What a deal!)!! AND they have a gym, yoga classes, walking tours, Pub Crawls, AND a sauna! Tell me another hostel in the south of France with a sauna… for 18€ a night. Ya, you can’t!


How did I get to Nice?

Well I have mentioned this company time and time before as they ARE MY FAVORITE and I am NOT lying! I used Flixbus to get from Milan, Italy to Nice, France! Round trip was about 33€ and took only about 4 hours! So what did I do? I pre downloaded some movies and enjoyed the most beautiful mountain views while getting there! And do not worry there is a bathroom in the bus and half way through the ride you get to take a half hour break off of the bus! (Comment below on this blog post if you think I should get a referral code for FLIXBUS!!!)

But now, How do you get to Monaco from Nice?

There are two buses that head to Monaco from the main square. HOWEVER, only take the Monaco bus #100 as it has the BEST beach views (and make sure to sit on the right side!!). Another bonus about this bus ride is that it only costs 1.50€. THAT IS RIGHT YOU CAN DO THE SOUTH OF FRANCE OF A BUDGET! Don’t worry you can also catch this bus back to Nice for the same price!

IMG_4242_OriginalIMG_4679_Facetune_05-11-2018-13-13-44_OriginalIMG_4232 (1)IMG_4236

Where should you eat in Monaco?

The only place I have had lunch in Monaco was Hotel de Paris which is in front of the casino on the left side! My friend and I decided to sit outside to get the full experience and boy was it amazing! I ordered the Mocha Gelato and I will ALWAYS get that when I go now! It even had macaroons inside of it! But, BE READY, the price is expensive! One espresso is 5€ and one gelato is 19€ but you are paying for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! I highly recommend doing it at least once!

What should you do?

We had the best time in Monaco! First, we walked the luxury shops on the way down to the main area! Once you arrive half way down the hill make sure to turn around and look at your view (the first photo on the blog is the view I’m talking about!). After soaking up this moment we headed to Hotel de Paris to grab a bite to eat! After sitting there for about an hour and a half or two and watching these two “Instagram girls” switch outfits and pose in front of other people’s cars while their mom photographer took photos and their dad held their other clothes we decided to head inside the casino. And oh my, the photo does not do this place enough justice. Even though I hadn’t gambled… the next time I might try (the slots of course)! The most memorable moment then happened… walking out of the casino. The video I took was breathtaking. The colors were vibrant. The feeling of life was vivid. The feeling of this city was exhilarating! And to think that feeling goes away at all during the day there… Is completely WRONG. After visiting the casino you NEED to walk to the back of it! I actually think it’s the prettiest part of the building! You will then be on the path to the yachts! So make sure to take a walk around! As it is quiet cool to see where each yacht is from and think of the stories about the people on them! Before ending our night in Monaco we took a spin around the carnival that was going on and decided to hop on the swings that sent you over the port! Overall, MONACO IS AMAZING AND DO NOT MISS OUT BECAUSE YOU ARE ON A BUDGET!


Nightlife in Monaco!

Want a night out in this fairytale country? Well then I guess I have to tell you about TWIGA. It is an awesome restaurant that turns full on nightclub when the sun is officially down and the people are ready to party. Not only can you get the BEST lobster of your life you can also mix your dishes between Italian and Japanese! And as the night goes on the bottle service keeps on coming, making this club the place to be with dancers bringing your bottles with sparklers, an entrance song, and a full on show. If you are a little tired out after all that excitement that came to your table make sure to call over a hookah and Enjoy your once in a lifetime night!

I hope your time in Monaco is as Magical as the end of Cinderella and that all your wishes come true!


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